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Getting a kitchen drawer properly equipped? That sounds like "much ado about nothing." But the devil is in the details. You might need some helpful advice on your way toward your preferred drawer inserts. Find it right here. We shall be happy to answer your questions relating to kitchen drawers and cutlery inserts.

Get acquainted with Stratmann products and services. The company's experts who have made the production of individual drawer equipment and pull-out furnishings their business. You want it made-to-measure? We successfully supply wooden cutlery inserts, multipurpose inserts, and clever accessories for high pull-outs, regardless of which manufacturer built the kitchen. From Alno to Zeyko, from Bulthaup to Ikea: "Yes, we can!"

Four easy steps to follow.
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Types of wood

You have got a particular liking for the darker colors? Or do you favor the rather light tones? Either way, choose a matching type of wood from the timber range we offer. We only use hardwood types that perfectly fit our purpose. Learn more.

Presentation of our timbers

Understand your kitchen: a glossary

Drawer or pull-out? corpus versus frame? nominal length and inner width? We explain the most common terms related to the kitchen business.

Kitchen glossary

The brand name of your kitchen does not appear on our online shop listing? You have got further questions? We shall be happy to help. Call or send an e-mail.

Team von stratmann Besteckeinsätze
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