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Welcome at stratmann - wooden cutlery inserts

manufacturing drawer inserts to the measure

stratmann wooden cutlery inserts are produced according to the customers' needs in a variety of sizes and independently from the number of items ordered. Our inserts are unique simply because they are handmade. They result from state-of-the-art manufacturing and the use of chosen materials. All in all the best conditions to grant that your cutlery and silverware is safe from damage.

When it comes to the question about the partitioning of your individual cutlery insert, stratmann has got several options for you. For a start, the BASIC program provides a choice from a considerable number of pre-configured elements. These standardized inserts bring to fruition in-depth knowledge about proven measurements and partitioning gathered over decades of customer-oriented work within the kitchen industry. And if at the end of the day you come to the conclusion, that standard elements will not do the job: chose FREE as your option. Create your individual insert in full correspondence with your ideas. Furthermore, stratmann runs product lines especially designed for the suitable storage of kitchen aids or utensils diverging in size. Higher drawers, sliding pull-outs? No problem - Stratmann offers product lines targeting especially these kitchen elements.

Drawer inserts manufactured for the customer

Made-to-measure customized drawer inserts must consider particularly the aspect of the required match with the underlying concept of the kitchen. Whether timelessly elegant or creative modern – stratmann produces these drawer inserts for your kitchen or for your dining room.

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quality and service

We attach importance to the practical benefit of our products, to craftsmanship's quality and individual service.


100+ years in the business

Joinery since 1923, specialized in manufacturing cutlery inserts since 2004, stratmann supplies individually crafted wooden drawer inserts on demand.

Green Leaf


Our products are of timber: a durable and renewable material that does not require costly disposal or recycling processes.

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Made in Germany: Our team works under fair conditions and current safety regulations.

Trust our staff – we care for you

There are questions left unanswered? You may consult our FAQ listing online and find relevant information.

Or you chose personal input. Just give us a call (0 57 44 / 6 22) or send us your request per e-mail.

Made in Germany
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