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First step: taking the measures of the drawer

Determine width and depth of the drawer: Measure your drawer at a height of 54mm and deduct a tolerance of 2mm from the result. These basic measurements are indispensable to get your cutlery insert properly manufactured. If desired, acquire in-depth information concerning measuring drawers: measuring drawers. If our standard height of 54mm does not meet your demands, consult adapt insert heights.

Second step: determine the frame type of your drawer

In general, the kitchen industry uses two different types of drawer frames. Type #1, the straight frame drawer and type #2, the slanted frame drawer. Watch the shape of the drawer's framing bars from the top down to the bottom. All straight, 90° angles at the bottom? Type #1 is yours. The side bars appear slanted? They are conical, and the bottom's surface is narrower than the top side's? Find out more about frame types of drawers.

Third step: choose your favorite type of wood

Put aside your folding rule now and activate your aesthetic genius instead. The detailed view of wood types from our selection of sustainable timbers is destined to support your individual choices. Whatever you go for - our hardwoods are the perfect material for the manufacturing of drawer inserts. Learn more about our types of wood.

Fourth step: fix the compartment design

Finished steps 1 to 3? Check! Then complete your preparatory work by taking a look at the cutlery insert types on offer in our online shop. For sure, you will discover the compartment design that suits your needs. The series CUCINA und TISLA are optimized for table cutlery of all kinds. The series OPTION is adapted for the presentation of larger kitchen tools, serving cutlery, and accessories.

Not yet convinced? Still worries about the accuracy of fit? Just send in a request and receive a customized offer accompanied by a detailed technical drawing within 24 hours.

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