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cutlery trays URBAN in smoked oak
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AERIK: the all-rounder ex stock: pre-defined wooden cuterly inserts

AERIK: Four perfect matches for your kitchen drawer

You want to keep things simple? Fine with us: order now, receive it some days after. As a basic standardized article held on stock, our AERIK cutlery inserts made of beech or oak are worth considering.

The small program comprises but four articles. Fixed in measurements, these inserts reveal easy and flexible. They can be combined with each other. With a 472 mm depth, the inserts will exactly fit many standard drawers.

AERIK cutlery inserts facilitate a respectable drawer furnishing at affordable expense.

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ARGENTUM drawer inserts

Preserve your fine silverware

The ARGENTUM series offers all possibilities to store silverware in a safe and organized manner. We supply accessories like felt drapers and felt-coated plug-in holders for every piece of cutlery. Further options: Have your tray made  portable by adding a pair of handles, or get it covered with a solid top.

Present your high-quality silver cutlery plugged piece by piece into soft felt-coated holders. Consider the options.

Create a harmonious look and combine the felt-coverd board with felt-coated plug-in holders of the same colour. Or choose a wooden box the ground board and the inner sides of which are felt-covered. This box can be supplemented on demand with a top or with a pair of handles. If you store your silverware to a special cupboard, we can make your cutlery boxes stackable. The Stratmann ARGENTUM program supports you in storing your silver cutlery protected from tarnishing and scratches.

ARGENTUM at the   online shop.

Order matching cutlery holders togeter with your tray and plan the exact placement on the board's surface yourself. The plug-in holders are manufactured of solid wood and their felt coating matches the protective felt of the board surface both in colour and in its anti-tarnishing finish. We offer fitting holders for the whole variety of cutlery items..

The protective felt is avaible in these colours: black, burgundy, dark green, royal blue and gray. We shall be happy to raise an individual offer for your personal cutlery. Please send us an e-mail with your request.

picture: ARGENTUM DELUXE | portable drawer insert for fine silver Cutlery (here:: oak wood)

cabinets and inserts for fine silverware
felt coated plug-in holders for sterling silver cutlery, felt drapers
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Phenomenal: the lid holder

The holder TRIAS matches all potlids. The standard length is 472 millimeters, but it is also available in other measurements.

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